Tuesday, 27 March 2012

First attempt of the Article.

This is another plan of my article, however I changed the fact of having two small photos, and decided to have 1 photo taking up a full page and a small photo on the 3rd page. Also, the colour scheme changed to match the front cover and contents page. And i kept the idea of having a quote, but I had it on the 3rd page, again in the same style as the magazine title. I changed the same intro at the top to make it more bold, so it stands out.

First attempt of the front cover.

This was the previous cover I was going to use, but I decided the photo wasn't right and neither was the layout. So, I took more photos and completely changed the layout and colour scheme of it all. However, the title and fonts are the same as I did like those. The pose on this photo didn't look right and I didn't like how the main hook and small intro was centred.
I ended up with the front cover below.