Monday, 30 April 2012

Completed contents page

Now, I have changed the photo to a one where she is smiling and looks happier, and is actually looking at the camera - which gives the impression she is drawing the audience in - it is now completed.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Second contents page attempt

With the photos added to the side and the captions underneath, my contents page is complete. However, I do not like the photo of the female used because she seems unhappy and isn't even looking at the magazine. So, I will be changing that but other than that I am happy with the way it looks.

Unfinished contents page 1

Now I have the story lines and headlines placed the way I want them on the page, I need to fill in the blank spaces at the side. So what I have chosen to do is add photos on the side. 
I have still stuck to the same house-style as what is on the front cover. Same colours and fonts being used, so it is easy to tell it belongs to the same magazine.

Finished magazine cover

Now I have added all that needed to be added, I am pleased with the outcome. It is clear to see the masthead and read the hooks and writing. There aren't too many hooks to make it looks crammed and the layout is the way I want it. There aren't too many colours which would overpower the magazine altogether.
And compared to the first attempt, I think this one is a great improvement and looks a lot better. It looks more eye-catching and with the model looking at the camera, it's like she is looking at the readers, drawing them in.

Unfinished magazine cover

This is my unfinished magazine cover. All that needs to be added is the small details like price, date, barcode etc... along with a box along the bottom with an advertisement or competition.
I chose to go with this photo because it's a typical pose what you would see on a pop magazine cover.