Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Tuesday 26th February

Yesterday morning, we went into Newcastle to film the final town scenes:
  • Scene 6 - The Florist, where Abbie walks by and looks at the flowers. This then will link to Scene 7 (the proposal).
  • Scene 13 part 2 - Castle Keep, this is where the main focus is the shoe - a bit like Cinderella - and then you see the rest of the clothes scattered on the staircase.
We got both scenes completed without any difficulties and now the only scenes left are:
  • Scenes 5, Scene 7 and Scene 9 which are being filmed Sunday 3rd March
  • Performance scene which is being shot on Thursday 7th March
  • Scene 1 which we still need to arrange a date for filming.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Album cover, progress 1

I have decided this is the photo I am going to be using for the front cover.

Scene updates:

We still have some scenes to film/re-shoot which we plan on doing so within the next couple of weeks. Hopefully, we can get all the scenes correctly filmed by early March so the focus can be put fully on post-production.

Scenes left:
  • Scene 1 - The Break-Up. This needs shot again as the lighting was bad in some shots and others didn't work properly; like the part with the mirror.
  • Scene 5 - Red Riding Hood. This is another scene that needs to be refilmed as the shots were too shaky, so we had to think of way which we could use the tripod but still have a similar effect. We will have it so the camera just pans and follows Red Riding Hood and then leads off onto Abbie and Jordan.
  • Scene 6 - Florist/town.
  • Scene 7 - Beauty and the Beast.
  • Scene 9 - Goldilocks.
  • Scene 13 part 2 - Castle Keep/Shoes on the stairs/Cinderella.
Scenes 5, 7 and 9 can be filmed on the same as they are in the same location and it would be easier than making multiple trips. Also, scenes 6 and 13 part 2 can be filmed on the same day too as they are both shot in town.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Saturday 9th February:

We have managed to go to town and film scenes:
  • 4 - Red Riding Hood - Where Abbie sees someone in a red hood and it leads to the flash back of Red Riding Hood in the woods.
  • 8 - Goldilocks - Abbie bumps into Goldilocks, making her drop the teddy bear which leads to the flashback of her seeing Jordan picking up a bear for someone else.
  • 12 & 14 - Realisation - She sees Jordan leaving a shop but when she goes to run over to him, she stops when she sees he is with Goldilocks, holding hands. The scene finishes with her taking off the ring and walking away.

Prop for scene 8:

This was used for when Abbie sees Goldilocks walking through town and she bumps into her, making Goldilocks drop the teddy bear on the floor. We will the get a close up of the bear on the floor and make it fade into the next scene, with the bear being the link.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Camera setting

I found that, when we were filming some scenes outside, that the light made it difficult to actually see the footage, so with a little bit of experimenting with different settings, I found 'Cine Mode' was the best and made the it clearest.

Ancillary task - advert

This is the basic layout and features of what I want the advertisement for the digipak to look like. Although, the colour scheme will be different depending on the photo I take and use.
This was just quickly made, therefore it will also be more carefully laid out.

Time table 4th - 10th February

Photos for ancillary task:


Although there are a couple which have really bad light or the timing was wrong and I missed the glitter falling, there are a few photos which I could use. 
I really like the one where the glitter is falling all around her, however, it might be difficult to cut out and still have it looking like glitter.
I'm not 100% sure which ones I am going to use yet, I am going to see which ones are easiest to cut from the background and which ones look best.