Thursday, 29 November 2012

New filming schedule.

We had to switch around some of the scenes and days due to bad weather conditions, which prevented us from filming certain scenes. This also works a lot better for everyone else as the people needed are available.

Plans for Saturday

Saturday 1st, we plan on going to Bill Quay to shoot all of the scenes that are set within that location. This includes scene 3, 5, 7 and 9. It will most likely take the whole day, if we manage to get them all completed.

Props for scene 3:
  • An apple.
Props for scene 5:
  • Picnic blanket.
Props for scene 7:
  • Ring
  • Ring box
Props for scene 9:
  • Teddy bear

Scene 10 updated

Scene 10: Walking through town

·         LS – Walking towards the comera

·         OSS - Sees someone drinking on the corner

·         CU – Worried face

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Props needed for scene 5

The only prop that is needed for scene 5 if a picnic blanket for when Abbie and Jordan are sitting on the logs in the forest.


We were supposed to be filming this morning, however, the bad weather has prevented us from doing so.
Since we were unable to film this morning, we will have reschedule when we are going to shoot scene 5. It would have to be when the weather has improved and everyone is available.

Also, there is a change with scene 5, as it will not be a picnic on the ground, but they will be sitting on some logs in the forest, talking. However, the whole idea of the camera tracking Red Riding Hood until it passes them, is still the same.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Updated filming timetable

We had to switch some of the days and scenes around, as the previous one did not work out for all people needed.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Filming scene 2

On Tuesday, we went to begin our filming and started with scene 2 of the music video. Even though it was our first scene and it was the first time I had used the equipment properly, I managed to get everything set up fine.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

The hand steadicam


Props used in scene 2

This was the first and only prop used when filming on Tuesday. The reason this was an important prop is because of the Apple logo, as it will link to the next scene of an actual apple.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Camera research

I had looked into different ways of making a steadicam, when I came across this video. It seemed a pretty basic and simple way to make one and was easy to understand.
However, I did find using the other steadicam stand a lot more effective - after trying both methods out - so that's what I had decided to use.

Ancillary task 1: research of single covers

This is the actual single cover for the song we are using in the music video, and although this is quite good, I would like to have a cover something like:

How the pose is simple but you get most of the artist in the photo. I also like the use of a glitter/light effect, which would be good for ours, as in the music video, glitter is used within the performance scene. Although it doesn't really have anything to do with the song itself, I still feel it is a good single cover.

When constructing my digipak, I plan to make the cover have some sort of link to the music video, rather than the song itself.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Ancillary task 1 - Digipak template

This is the basic template for the first ancillary task - a digipak for the CD - but it shows all the necessary measurements needed.
I found the template on: and it is a 4 panel 1 tray CD case.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Props needed: (updated)

Cinderella-like shoe and clothes for the stairs

Apple iphone
Basket - like Red Riding Hood
Picnic stuff
Ring and box
Drink bottle

Teddy bear

Shake It Out music video, plot.

Scene 1: Break up. (Possibly subtitles.)

·         Music starts and the scene is drained of colour.

·         Over-shoulder shot – Jordan; “It’s not working out.”

·         OSS – Abbie; “Why not?”

·         LS – Abbie and Jordan are arguing.

·         LS – She throws something at him.

·         CU – Photo frame cracked.

Scene 2: Wake up

·         ECU – Abbie’s eyes, eyes closed.

·         CU – Abbie’s face, eyes opening, waking up.

·         LS – Establishes  the setting, Abbie looks confused

·         MCU – holds head

·         LS – Gets up, stumbles, looks around, and begins to walk.

·         LS – Track – Follow along path in town.

·         MS – Showing Abbie turn and look at a person talking on an iPhone

·         CU – Apple on iPhone

Scene 3: Snow White

·         CU – Apple in Jordan’s hand.

·         LS – From side (diagonal) – stumbles and drops apples.

·         LS – From side – apple rolling and Jordan chasing after it down the street.

·         CU – Apple stops rolling at Abbie’s feet, she picks it up.

·         MCU – Jordan bends down to pick it up as Abbie does.

·         MS – Both look at each other as she hands the apple to him.

Scene 4: Walking through town

·         MS – Walking through town, smiling.

·         LS – Walking through town.

·         LS – From behind – following Abbie, camera continues on following Red Riding Hood.

Scene 5: Red Riding Hood

·         LS – Following Red Riding Hood through the forest from behind, camera begins to move around, showing RRH from a more side angle, as RRH passes the picnic, the camera shift focus to it.

·         MS – Picnic scene. Jordan and Abbie laughing, flirting, eating.

Scene 6: Walking through town

·         LS – Walking through town.

·         MS – Walking through town, smiling.

·         LS – From the side – walking passed the florist.

·         MS – From the front – Stopping to look at the flowers.

·         CU – Rose.

Scene 7: Beauty and the Beast

·         CU – Rose petals on the floor.

·         Pans out as her feet go passed and then follows her from behind.

·         She gets some distance.

·         LS – From behind – as she walks around the corner, he is in front of her and he bends down on one knee to propose to her.

·         MCU – Happy face – Abbie

Scene 8 – Walking through town

·         MCU – Shaking her head of the memory.

Performance Scene?

·         LS – Walking

·         MS – Walking (different angle)

·         Pans from Abbie to a woman walking with a teddy bear in a bag.

·         MLS – Goldilocks is bumped in to and drops the teddy.

·         CU – Teddy bear on the floor.

Scene 9 – Goldilocks

·         CU – Teddy on the floor, hand comes into shot and picks up the teddy.

·         MS – Jordan handing the bear back to Goldilocks.

·         MCU – Goldilocks saying ‘thank you’.

·         OSS – (LS) of Jordan and Goldilocks talking from Abbie’s spot.

·         CU – Abbie’s angry expression and her shaking her head.

·         CU – Fists clenching.

·         MS – Jordan and Goldilocks talking, Abbie coming into shot from behind the camera, starts shouting at Jordan.

·         MS – Opposite direction. Shows Abbie’s face, she’s pointing at Goldilocks but not looking at her, while shouting at Jordan. Jordan keeps getting cut off.

Scene 10: Walking through town

·         MCU – Pensive expression, still walking.

·         LS – Walking, dog in the distance of the shot.

·         POV – Dog trotting towards her.

·         CU – Worried face

Scene 11: Three little pigs/Big bad wolf

·         CU – Worried face – lifts glass to drink

·         MLS – Drinking. (Fades between many changes of drunkenness.)

·         MS – Jordan walks in. “How much have you had?” Shakes head.

·         MLS – Jordan tries to take the drink off her. She pushes him back against the wall.

·         CU – Jordan scared looking stumbling back.

·         MCU – Flickering from Abbie to wolf and back.

·         MLS – Abbie stumbles off as a wolf, not caring.

Scene 12: Town

·         CU – Abbie realisation of Jordan in the distance.

·         LS – Jordan in the background, leaving shop.

·         LS – Abbie begins to speed up.

·         MCU – Jordan’s reflection in a shop window

Scene 13: Snow White: The Mirror

·         MCU – Jordan’s reflection.

·         MCU – Shoe on the stairs. (Put camera on zoom before filming.)

Scene 14: Realisation (Continued from 12)

·         MLS – Abbie stops running as Goldilocks comes out of the shop.

·         CU – Abbie looking confused.

·         MS – Jordan and Goldilocks flirting and laughing.

·         MLS – Going to sit down

·         LS – POV – Jordan and Goldilocks walking away, holding hands.

·         CU – Abbie on the bench, taking the ring.

·         CU – Ring on the bench, rocking.

Six week plan

Friday, 2 November 2012



For our project, we are going to be constructing a music video for the song Florence and the Machine - Shake It Out. Our plan is to make it hint at fairtytales by switching from real life to flashbacks with a hint of different fairytales. The main character keeps finding objects which reminds her of her past, which then leads to the flashbacks of a relationship based around the objects. As the storyline continues, you can see that the relationship begins to get worse and it is in fact her who treats him badly and that's why he left her. For the ancillary tasks, we are creating a digipak and a magazine advertisement for the digipak.