Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Evaluation - Audience

Evaluation - Distribution

Evaluation - Representation

In my original photographs, the model was Jessica Emmerson and she was going to be used for the contents page photo or maybe the front cover. She was wearing casual clothes; beige jeans, yellow jumper and boots. I took them against a normal wall - which turned out to be a bad idea because it was difficult to cut out - using mainly close up shots of her. Her pose was relaxed, but since they were close ups, it was mainly of her face, which I took some of her smiling or just quite serious. I didn’t think it would represent the kind of social group I am aiming for, so I had to take more photos.

However, I decided to change my model and try different poses with them; they were still against a white background but their clothing was more feminine. The model I used for my front cover was Isla Johnston and she was wearing a pink skirt – which is a typical colour for a young, pop magazine – and a black vest top with red lipstick. She was standing with her hand on her hip, smiling and since the shots were medium-long, you could see the clothes and pose clearly. This photo is more suitable for the genre of magazine I am doing and follows the typical style of others like it, for example; Top Of The Pops. The photo is aimed at young, teenage girls who may be aspiring to look like her.

It represents a very stereotypical female gender, by looking sexy, confidence and attractive, reaching at to slightly vulnerable young girls. With the colours too, it makes it even more stereotypical, with the pink skirt and red lipstick both reaching out to the bubblegum pop genre. Her pose is much like others you would see on magazines like Top Of The Pops: