Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Ancillary task - advertisement

All of these advertisements from magazines use the same photo - but enlarged - to what's on the actual album. I like this and plan on doing the same thing as it looks effective because it shows the clear link between the album and the advertisement.
On the first one, the text tells you about 'feautred singles', something else I plan on having on my advert because I can then link the album and advert with the music video.
The second one is pretty simple and basic but it shows where you can buy the album and when it released - important features to have,
The last one has a combination of both on them.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Props used for scenes 1 and 11:

This was the only props used in Scene 1 when Abbie throws something at Jordan. The shot will then cut to the frame broken on the floor after it has hit the wall.
 These were the only props used in scene 11 by Abbie as she had to act more drunk as time went by. For each shot, we would empty more contents from bottle or glass, to show she had been drinking more.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Production schedule for the week: 14th January – 20th January

Monday to Friday – nothing because we all have exams to revise for this week and none of us have time.

Saturday - Nothing

Sunday – We plan on filming the indoor scenes which is:
  • Scene 1 - Break Up
  • Scene 11: Big Bad Wolf
  • Scene 13: Snow White: The Mirror
This means we only need Jordan and Abbie. The props needed are:

·         Photo frame

·         Wine bottle and glasses

·         Mirror