Thursday, 20 December 2012

Work that needs to be done for after the Christmas holidays:

·         Update my blog with multimedia

o   Video evidence

o   Photos of props that have been used need to be uploaded.

·         Take photos of the props

·         Do more planning for my Ancillary task.

o   Analyse CD covers and magazine adverts

o   Flat plans and designs

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

AFL: Blog Reflection

I had someone else look at my blog, so they can see what they think needs to be added or changed and what they think of it overall. Although I have quite a few posts, they are all mainly text with very little mutliemedia used, so that is what I need to do.
I need to:
  • Add videos and photos for evidence of filming and of the props used.
  • Do more research and practise in the ancillary tasks.
  • Research into my potential target audience.
  • More research and analysis into music videos for my role and responsibility.
Hopefully, if I complete all of these things and publish them on my blog and keep my blog up to date like it is now, then I should be on track for a higher level.
Although we had originally planned to have all of the filming to be done before Christmas, so we could begin the editing after the holidays, it has not worked out that way as we did not take into account the weather being as bad as it has been.
Our new plan is to have everything filmed by the end of February at the latest, so we can start editing then.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Ancillary advertisement plan

This is just a rough outline of what I want the layour of my ancillary task to look like.

Props for Sunday 16th:

No props are needed for scenes 6 or 12, but there is for the other scenes.
Scene 13 part 2 - Abbie's white dress, Cinderella-like shoe and men's clothes (To scatter on the staircase)
Scene 14 - A ring

Plans for Sunday 16th:

The scenes we plan on filming are scenes:

  • 6 - Where Abbie walks passed the florist and she sees the roses which give her another flashback.
  • 12 - Where she sees Jordan coming out of a shop in town and she speeds up towards him. Then it cuts to his point of view where he's looking at his reflection in the wndow - gives him a flashback.
  • 14 - Where it has continued on from scene 12 but it's where Abbie stops running towards him when she sees Goldilocks. It ends with a shot of the ring.
  • And now we hope to move part 2 of scene 13 to the Sunday.

Scenes still needing to be filmed:

Scene 1: Break up.
Scene 6: Walking through town - florist
Scene 7: Beauty and the Beast - proposal
Scene 8 – Walking through town - Goldilocks/teddy bear
Scene 9 – Goldilocks
Scene 11: Big bad wolf
Scene 12: Town - Shop/reflection
Scene 13: Snow White: The Mirror
Scene 14: Realisation
Performance scene

Another reschedule

We've had to change another scene today as the weather made it difficult to go out and film as it would have been dangerous.
The scene that was supposed to be getting filmed was part 2 of scene 13 in Newcastle Keep.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Practising using the camera and getting used to it.


We were supposed to be filming on Wednesday 5th, but we had to cancel because some people could not make it and the weather made it difficult for us to get to the location of the filming.
We plan on moving it to next Wednesday

Further filming

On Tuesday 4th, we went to town to film scenes 4 and 10.
For these scenes I used both the hand steadicam and the tripod.

Props needed for scene 10:
  • Blanket
  • Bottles
No props were needed for 4.


On Saturday 1st, we went to Bill Quay to film scenes 3 and 5. We used the forest-like part for scene 5 and an old pathway that is rarely used for scene 3.

Props used for scene 3:
  • Apples
Props used for scene 5:
  • Picnic blanket