Monday, 10 September 2012

Skyscraper - Demi Lovato

·         Opening shot is a deserted pathway/track.
·         Then there is a long shot of her standing on the path, showing she is walking this alone..
·         It is then a close up as she starts singing. “Skies are crying.” Ironic because she's the one who is nearly crying.
·         Then we see the first shot of the red heart in a glass box, surrounded by smoke.
·         Another medium-long shot of her standing on the same pathway singing. Basic outfit, not glam. White dress which has connotations of being pure and innocent. Has a sense of vulnerability which matches the lyrics. “You can take everything I have; you can break everything I am.” Close up on her face to show the emotion.
·         “I awaken and untangle you from me.” The camera then cuts to her unravelling a black piece of material from her body.
·         She walks barefoot on the broken class, giving the impression she is stronger and shows how raw the video is.
·         All throughout the video, she is alone.
·         The glass casing around the heart starts to shatter in the big build-up of the song. At the end, you see the clear glass has shattered and is broken, but the red heart is still intact. Although, the glass heart could easily be broken, it was still whole… which sends the message from the video and the song that even though the shield was broken, the heart was still strong. “I will be rising from the ground, like a skyscraper.”
·         The video and song is filled with emotion. It isn’t about the typical ‘love’ or ‘glamour’. It sends out a powerful message and even though, not much happens in the video, it still says a lot.

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