Monday, 10 September 2012

We Found Love - Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris

·         First clip is of – what you assume to be – council flats. Often stereotyped as being ‘rough’.
·         As it starts with a woman talking… describing the type of love the song is about. The video shows clips of the woman and man separately; seeming angry and upset but when they're together, happy.
·         Drugs symbolises how toxic the relationship really is.
·         “No one will ever understand how much it hurts” and then a long shot of when she falls to her knees, signifying she's given up or she's broken.
·         “You feel hopeless, like nothing could save you.” From here to the end of the speech, it shows them as a couple – distressed and smoking.
·         The music kicks it with lightning. She's standing in a room, but the dark mise-en-scene makes it where you can’t see her face but the whole room flashes with the lightning. This idea continues throughout.
·         They're laughing and having fun as a couple. Quick cuts to different scenes – skateboarding, kissing, laughing, playing on an arcade machine, riding a bike where they seem genuinely happy, even when they're doing reckless things.
·         One scene in particular with the sparks and the pair kissing, but at one point the sparks are out of control which denotes the idea it is dangerous – like their relationship.
·         Throughout the whole video, you see contrasts between what would be considered a healthy relationship and what would be a bad one. 
·         He catches her so she doesn’t fall; keeping her from being hurt but this is ironic since later on in the video, he is the one hurting her – emotionally.
·         They only seem to be happy when they're drinking or have taken drugs.
·         The quick cuts show how fast and out of control everything is.
·         Repeated shots where the background is spinning and the camera is close up on either one or both. Shows everything is a blur once they’ve taken the drugs.
·         “We found love in a hopeless place.” Screaming and shouting at each other and she leaves him in the car.
·         The whole video shows the love hate relationship that matches with the main lyric. “We found love in a hopeless place.” Even though they love each other, it’s clear it can’t work out because it’s not healthy for either of them.
·         Her clothing throughout is usually quite revealing or short, to look more appealing to the male audience.
·         When she's singing this part again, there is a projection of a building falling behind her, meaning it’s destroyed.
·         The last scene is where she comes home and gives up. He tries to stop her leaving but it’s too late.

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